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Sad: UK now world’s number tolerant nation on abortion and divorce – survey

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As reported by Wio News: According to a recent global study, the United Kingdom has left behind Canada, Germany and Australia to become one of the most socially liberal nations of the world on the issues of divorce and abortion.

In the last five years, Britons have moved further towards acceptance of casual sex, prostitution and homosexuality, the World Values Survey stated, which is a progression from saying earlier that these practices are justifiable.

The survey by the Policy Institute at King’s College London is focused on 24 nations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Americas, accounting for around half of the population of the world.

The UK ranked at the top among the four nations which consider matters like casual sex, euthanasia, divorce, abortion, and suicide. Swedes have emerged as the most liberal people on abortion and divorce, the French have liberal thoughts on suicide, and Germans are liberal about euthanasia.

“What were once pressing moral concerns – things like homosexuality, divorce and casual sex – have become simple facts of life for much of the public,” said Prof Bobby Duffy, the Policy Institute's director.

“This mostly isn’t just driven by younger generations replacing older generations. All generations have changed their views significantly,” he added.

Speaking about the issue of executions, Duffy said that the enthusiasm of the British for the death penalty had softened in recent years, but the matter remains bound up with political identities, “with Conservative voters much more supportive of capital punishment [67 per cent said it was at least potentially justifiable] than Labour voters [47 per cent], which helps explain why it continues to be brought up in political discussions”.

How have the mighty fallen! Prior to the so-called reformation, the UK was one of the most morally upright societies in the world.

All these changed when King Henry VIII broke away from Rome and formed the Church of England or Anglican Church which he made himself the Head.

Prior to the reformation, the poverty level in the UK was very low because of the noble and great work being done by the Catholic monasteries in giving bread to the poorest of the poor. Under Sir Thomas Cromwell also known as the hammer of the monks who succeeded the legendary, St. Thomas More a.k.a A Man for all Seasons, he confiscated the assets of all the UK monasteries and threw the monks and nuns into penury. This cruel and selfish act which had the imprimatur of King Henry VIII increased the level of poverty in the UK leading to widespread destitution especially as the wars which King Henry VIII embarked upon in Europe were bringing nothing but more misery to the UK.

Under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth, theft was given legitimacy and this led to colonialism and the conquest of faraway lands all in the name of the crown. Criminals and people of questionable character became instant heroes the moment they raided foreign lands and hoisted the English flag on them. The likes of Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins who were regarded as the two most successful sailors in then Renaissance England were nothing short of mere bandits who had the full sturdy backing of the Queen which culminated in their knighthood.

All these led to the spiritual poverty of the Brits which made them warmly embrace all manner of liberal causes that tragically led to the moral degeneration of their society.

One is not surprised that even the Church of England now backs same-sex marriage. The chickens have indeed come home to roost.

King Henry VIII before his defection was fondly called ‘The defender of the faith’ because of his great love for Catholicism.

The multimillion-dollar question to ask having diagnosed the root cause of the moral crisis is will the UK go back to Rome?

Your guess is as good as mine.  

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Posted : 13/03/2023 4:08 am
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Hmmm...sturdy pro lifer...

Posted : 19/03/2023 4:54 pm

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