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No plans to legalize homosexuality in Kenya – Deputy President

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kenyan deputy president

As reported by Africa News: Kenya’s deputy president, Rigathi Gachagua has reiterated the East African nation's long-standing decision not to “condone” same-sex relations.

He stressed that Kenya will resist any attempt at imposing the same on its population citing the need to protect its customs and traditions.

"We shall not condone any attempts to legitimize LGBTQ actions in Kenya. Our values must be respected, and in no way shall we turn back," he tweeted.

Gachagua, made the comments on Thursday whiles attending a programme on the celebration of International Women's Day in the capital Nairobi.

The deputy president’s comments come barely a month after president William Ruto stated that the laws of the country will apply in the matter of same-sex relations.

He told Christiane Amanpour of CNN, Wednesday, September 7, that homosexuality and issues around it were, however, not a 'real issue' for ordinary Kenyans as compared to issues of unemployment and hunger.

"We have Kenyan law, we have the Kenyan Constitution, we have our tradition, we have our customs, we will continue to respect other people's custom as they respect our custom and our traditions," he said.

Homosexuality is largely illegal across most parts of the continent with people engaging in it liable to jail terms. Kenya has a strong LGBTQ+ community that has often protested to highlight their plight.

Recent events in the country show the same-sex advocacy drive in Kenya. The gruesome murder of a fashionista and known gay, Edwin Chiloba, and a Supreme Court ruling that LGBTQ groups can be legally registered under Kenyan laws.

Gachagua’s brave reaffirmation of the criminalization of homosexuality despite the western liberal pressure is highly commendable. This rare show of courage in the face of the blitzkrieg from the liberal west and their local treacherous African allies gives African Conservatives a ray of hope that Byzantium is nearby.

The perfidy and hypocrisy of the western liberals are highly sickening. They sell economic agendas to our vile African leaders that have perpetually kept the continent impoverished and then come decades later with placebos that are mere sterile activism at the very best.

The gay rights issue is one of their notorious divide-and-conquer strategies as the continent can no longer speak with one voice. Imagine if Africans were united, economic opportunities abound in the exportation of our rich pro-life and pro-family culture to the rest of the world. The liberal west being afraid of this possible economic liberation of the world’s poorest continent then took a dig at the destruction of the African family through the LGBTQ agenda in a similar way that black families are being destroyed in the west via the cruel prison system.

Africans especially the so-called gay rights-backing allies should learn from history – The wily Caucasians never loved their sinister ancestors who colluded with them to sell their brothers into slavery for mere gin, guns, mirrors, and other preposterous items. The seminars, conferences, awards, grants, and other minuscule stipends will pale into utter insignificance when they achieve their evil goal of the total annihilation of the African family.

They will then have no place to hide and would be mercilessly dumped by their bestial overlords having outlived their usefulness.

African liberals, please learn from history.

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 07/03/2023 2:28 am

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