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Misguided Agitation: Kenyan LGBTQ Group ‘protests’ in London

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As reported by Tuko.co.ke: A Kenyan pro-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) group has held protests in the United Kingdom (UK). The Kenyan pro-LGBTQ activists gathered in the United Kingdom.

Speaking during the event, a Kenyan man identified as Peter took issue with President William Ruto over his firm stand against the vice. The head of state recently broke his silence on the matter saying, assuring the nation that he would not allow it. "I am here to pass a message to William Ruto. William Ruto listen to me very carefully, Kenya belongs to all of us and not just you alone. So you have to accept us the way we are," Peter said.

The protesters told Ruto that they were not afraid of him even as they called on former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko to stop condemning members of the queer community on his social media platforms. "Mike Sonko, I saw your tweet. Kindly stay away from us. I hope you understand what I mean by this. And for all Kenyans out there, hakuna kitu mnaeza fanya. (There is nothing you can do about it.). We are the way we are so you have to accept this harsh reality," said another man. In a video shared on TikTok by @opal2010, the protestors told off a section of Kenyans who have threatened to kill them if found practicing the vice. "We must fight for the rights of LGBTQ back at home. Let everyone stick to their values and beliefs be they Christians or Muslims but we are Kenyans and all we want is equality," the protesters said before singing Kenyan patriotic songs.

On Thursday, March 2, 2023, Ruto broke his silence over the Supreme Court judgment okaying the registration of LGBTQ associations. Kenya is a God-fearing nation During the launch of the Women Enterprise Fund and the second product of the Hustler Fund at KICC, the president said Kenya is a religious country guided by morality. The head of state said that even though he respects the rule of law and the judiciary's independence, he will not allow same-sex marriage in the country. “You know me very well, I am a God-fearing man and whatever happened at the court, even if we respect the court, our culture, values, Christianity, and Islam cannot allow women to marry each other, or men to marry fellow men. It can happen elsewhere but it will not happen in Kenya,” Ruto said. The president hilariously joked, asking where Kenyan women will get husbands if homosexuality was allowed in the country.

My B.A Thesis was on Divide-And-Conquer in Chinua Achebe’s evergreen and seminal novel ‘Things Fall Apart’ and Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s ‘Weep Not Child’. That same strategy by the British is still playing itself out today decades after the granting of political independence to her former colonies.

These so-called activists obviously on asylum in the UK are being used by their former colonial masters who were rattled and forced to flee Kenya due to the Mau Mau uprising with Jomo Kenyatta and Didan Kimanthi as key figures of the armed struggle.

Rather than these misguided activists fighting for a better deal for their impoverished countrymen back in Africa, they are fighting to bring death, confusion, disease, and other negative things to the already beleaguered continent.

How can one in his right senses address themselves as gay rights activists as a full-time job? These ‘activists’ honestly need to get a life. These gay rights activists in the UK should be kept at bay as their activities are fueling the embers of discord among their fellow countrymen whom they purport to ‘fight for.’

Sex has always been the selling point right from all ages but never did pundits envisage that the sexual revolution would be taken to a ridiculous extreme of destructive sex.

Hopefully, this gay rights revolution shall pass like the historic and horrific Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 22/03/2023 5:30 am

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