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Discrimination: Canadian Conservative Party Disqualify Pro-Life Candidate

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As reported by Western Standard: The National Candidate Selection Committee (NCSC) for the Conservatives voted to disqualify pro-life candidate Gerrit Van Dorland in the Oxford byelection nomination race Tuesday. 

“The party gave no reason for Gerrit's disqualification,” said RightNow co-founder Scott Hayward in a Wednesday press release. 

“The real issue is that Gerrit is pro-life and more than likely to win the nomination.” 

Poilievre and Conservative insiders endorsed nomination candidate Arpan Khanna. His endorsement contravenes the National Council Code of Conduct, as he's a member of National Council. 

Hayward said Poilievre promised the Conservatives would be different under him compared to former leader Erin O’Toole, “but that promise seems to be quickly fading.”

The release said there's one last step in the process to ensure Van Dorland is able to run in a fair, open nomination. 

He is appealing the decision from the NCSC to National Council, who can overturn it and let him run. The release said the National Council will be meeting Saturday to vote on his appeal, so people are asked to send their emails to it by then and encouraged to have their pro-life family and friends do the same. 

It said people are encouraged to contact all members of National Council and let them know they do not support his disqualification and encourage them to let Van Dorland run.

The release concluded by saying people can contact Poilievre and Conservative Executive Director Michael Krase to let know their opinions. 

Van Dorland’s campaign manager, Bas Sluijmers, said his team was disappointed with the notice it received from the Conservatives saying he was being disqualified without providing reasons. Sluijmers said the Conservatives “maintain that they are a party of open and fair nominations, and as such, we will be appealing this decision to the Conservative Party National Council.” 

“Gerrit remains optimistic that National Council will vote to respect the grassroots and allow his candidacy,” he said. 

Conservative communications director Sarah Fischer said the party wants to provide clarification and context about the information being circulated about the nomination race. 

“Gerrit Van Dorland, a nomination applicant in Oxford, was disqualified from standing in a nomination race by the party's National Candidate Selection Committee due to a failure to comply with the obligation to disclose required information during the candidate application process,” said Fischer. 

The recommendation to disqualify him was first made by the local Candidate Nomination Committee. 

Nomination applicants are asked to disclose and provide a list of current and former social media accounts or websites; a copy of any deleted or publicly inaccessible social media or online content; and a copy of all articles, media coverage, and quotes or interviews related to them. 

Khanna said he was disappointed to learn of the Conservatives’ decision to disqualify Van Dorland from the nomination race. 

“My strong view is that everyone should be allowed to freely and fairly contest this nomination and that local members should decide who their candidate should be,” said Khanna. 

He said the party should make the right choice and allow Van Dorland on the nomination ballot. 

Conservative leadership candidate Grant Abraham said after the party found several errors preventing him from qualifying for the race in May there is a “strong uncooperative spirit that's functioning within the Conservative Party of Canada.” 

“The fact the Conservative Party of Canada indicated to me that they lost, misplaced, or misallocated $52,000 of donor funds, and that appeared to be the reason that my campaign was being blocked, is highly concerning to me,” said Abraham. 

The Conservatives said his campaign raised $248,064, well short of the $300,000 required to enter. He said his campaign raised the required funds.

When has it become a crime to be pro-life? If he were liberal, I doubt if he would suffer the same fate.

More than ever, Canada desperately needs more pro-lifers in politics to reverse all the liberal laws that have been made over time. It is sad that Canada has the dubious appellation of being the euthanasia capital of the world.

This is the same country that holds a great attraction for most beleaguered Nigerian and African economic asylum seekers.

These Africans would then raise a generation of children who will be greatly exposed to all manner of LGBTQ propaganda targeted at normalizing the abomination. How many Africans really have the time for their families? Most work two, or three jobs just for mere survival. Which time would they have to successfully bond well with their children?

Conservative or Pro-life candidates in Canada should be massively supported as that great country is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

The consequences of failure to swiftly adapt to the changing times by the Canadian pro-lifers would cost them a lot and especially for their health in all its ramifications.

Canadian Pro-lifers despite the daunting challenges should still stand up and be counted!


Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 20/03/2023 2:47 am

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