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Unsung Nigerian Hero: Meet Sonnie Ekwowusi by Tony Ademiluyi

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I recall vividly that in 1994 on my 9th birthday was when I received my First Holy Communion. After a brief party in my then parish – Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in a suburb of Lagos known as Surulere, my mother drove me to Helmbridge Study Centre in the same Surulere. The centre was an all-boys club that had the spiritual direction of Opus Dei – a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

It was in this centre I first came in contact with Barrister Sonnie Ekwowusi and a lifelong friendship struck up which has now lasted close to three decades.

As a pre-teenager, I first learnt about the evils of liberal causes like abortion, euthanasia, IVF, stem cell research etc. At the time, gay rights hadn’t yet gained the current prominence it enjoys. In striped-down language, I and the other boys were morally formed by many of our tutors there – one of which was Sonnie Ekwowusi.

I got particularly close to Sonnie because of my deep interest in the media. Despite his not being a journalist, he has always been involved in the media through his frequent writings on a plethora of issues via columns and editorials.

My first newspaper byline in a national Nigerian Newspaper was given to me through his contact. I can’t forget my debut article –‘If I were Pat Utomi’ published in Thisday Newspaper on 6th January, 2027 while still an undergraduate at the University of Lagos was published largely through his influence as a then Member of the Thisday Editorial Board and a Wednesday Columnist which began my romance with the media in Nigeria and later Africa.

As a Conservative and Pro-Lifer, he co-founded an NGO, Project for Human Development (PHD) which he used as a vehicle to ensure that the legislature in Nigeria at the federal and state levels was protected from the fangs of radical pro-choice laws as it is no secret that some so-called politicians and ‘human rights’ activists had been corrupted with the blood money of the western liberals and have been determined to push laws legalizing such humongous evils prominent among which are abortion and gay rights.

His NGO has worked in close collaboration with the National Assembly – Nigeria’s apex law-making body. He played a key role in getting the Senate under the former leadership of David Mark to pass the highly locally popular anti-same-sex marriage bill in 2014 which criminalized same-sex marriage in Nigeria – Africa’s most populous nation with the sobriquet ‘Giant of Africa.’

As a legal practitioner, he has used the instrumentality of the law to condemn abortion which remains a crime in Nigeria to the consternation of the minions and apologists of the liberals in the country who prefer the ‘retrogressive’ nation to join the global ‘progressive train’ in the name of ‘human rights’ and ‘equality.’

He has been organizing an annual conference which I once attended and brings together conservative and pro-lifers who greatly enrich the noble platform with their robust ideas.

His pro-life views on gay rights, abortion, population control, IVF, euthanasia, stem cell research etc have been as constant as the northern star apologies to William Shakespeare and has used both the electronic and print media to unashamedly express these views that are in the opinion of right-thinking individuals the only panacea to global sustainable development which has become one of the most abused buzzwords being bandied about by the liberals to push their highly destructive causes.

He has spoken boldly at the United Nations where he sturdily regularly expressed his pro-life views there despite the backlash and virulent criticism at a time when it is now becoming a crime, especially in the west to express pro-life views on social media, media and publicly.

In a sane society, he ought to have at least been honoured with a national honour but alas we are living in perilous times where materialism has overtaken conscience in Nigeria.

For his great contributions to the Nigerian pro-life cause, he is our personality of the week.

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 27/01/2023 3:19 am

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