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Rishi Sunak stands up for the truth despite virulent backlash

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As reported in an op-ed by Jonathon Van Maren: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is a Tory, but he’s not a conservative — and that’s what makes his stance against the extremist aspects of transgender ideology so interesting. First, his government announced its intentions to block Nicola Sturgeon’s radical Gender Recognition Reform Bill in Scotland. Now, in a conversation with Piers Morgan on Talk TV, he has gone further.  

Morgan — himself a social liberal — asked Sunak if he could define what a woman is. This is a question that would have been utterly absurd a decade ago but is now considered a trap. Sunak, however, was admirably succinct: “Of course I know what a woman is. An adult human female … I’m married to one. I have two daughters. And it’s really important that they grow up in a society where their needs are respected, whether it’s, you know, how they want to be treated when they’re in changing rooms or sports, but also their safety.”  

He added, “Whether it’s sex, whether it’s women’s spaces, whether it’s prisons, biological sex really matters. And we actually saw that recently with what’s going in in Scotland.” When Morgan pressed him on the issue of biological males playing in female sports, Sunak reiterated, “Well, I think that doesn’t strike most people as being fair, right? So that’s why when it comes to these questions, biological sex matters.”  

That statement — biological sex matters — is an absolute heresy that would provoke instant condemnation from leaders such as Joe Biden or Justin Trudeau. That makes Sunak’s stand — which again, is a simple science and common sense — unfortunately exceptional in our leadership class.  



What a question some African Conservatives may ask when the Prime Minister was asked to define a woman. The new reality is that the homosexual lobby has redefined it and so its current definition rather than being straightforward, is now a needless subject of controversy. For someone, whose claim to stupendous wealth was on the back of a woman and his two beautiful daughters coupled with his Hindu faith – it is difficult for him to embrace the highly destructive LGBT agenda and I greatly commend his decision to block the resolution of the Scottish Parliament to allow minors – 16 years transition from one sex to the other without parental consent.

The two major political parties in the UK – Labour and Conservative are both pro-LGBTQ unlike what obtains in the US and so his pro-life or conservative stance puts him at great odds with the official position of his party as its leader and the leader of the country that is strongly influenced by the LGBTQ groups.

For standing up for the truth in his anti-transgender stance, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is our personality of the week.

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Posted : 10/02/2023 2:08 am

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