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Meet Tobias Nauruki – Young Hero of the Kenyan Pro-Life Movement

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Most African Pro-Lifers tend to belong to the older generation because the subject matter is rather boring for the youths to openly or even secretly identify with.

The western liberal media has heavily permeated Africa with a woke culture which makes it attractive and economically reasonable given the hydra-headed monster of poverty in the continent to be pro-choice.

It is therefore against the norm for a young African to be pro-life or conservative especially when such is brilliant, upwardly mobile, and has lots of prospects as well as potential.

Tobias Nauruki aptly fits the aforementioned description of a young Kenyan who is doing so much for the pro-life movement there and deserves a loud if possible standing ovation.

He is the Africa Regional Coordinator for Family Watch International – an American-based NGO founded by globally renowned pro-lifer, Sharon Slater.

In this privileged position, he advocates life and family policies, child protection, youth policies, international laws and policies on human rights for women, and adolescents, value-based education, good governance, moral upbringing, and religious liberty.

He is also the Africa News Correspondent – Web Management for the world’s number one Pro-life News Website – Canada-based Lifesite News where he writes African pro-life stories.

He is a member of the African Christians Professionals Forum in which capacity he serves as a senior consultant cum policy as well as program director.

He also serves as the Youth Coordinator at the UN Family Caucus where he influences decisions taken at the UN with regard to African youths from a pro-life perspective.

He also served as a Programs Officer of the Kenyan Christian Professional Forum.

He is the Programs Director at the East African Community Pro-life Profamily Coalition.

He has attended several pro-life conferences and spoken at some of them in and outside the African Continent.

Empowered Youth Coalition is an NGO where he serves as the Africa Regional Coordinator.

For his pro-life stances on global issues and services to the conservative cause, he is our personality of the week.

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Posted : 24/02/2023 2:22 am

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