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Meet Kevin Duffy – Ex International Abortion Worker and now Pro-Life Advocate

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Kevin Duffy used to be a passionate pro-abortion worker when he plied his trade with the infamous Marie Stopes International now MSI Reproductive Choices.

He was charged with the onerous task of developing abortion centres in Africa and South Asia in the name of promoting ‘women’s rights’ and ‘freedom of choice’ as a director and consultant.

He had always known that abortion involved the termination of human life but his argument for his tacit involvement in the inhumane practice was that he felt it should be done under hygienic and safe conditions.

Reflecting on his time at MSI Reproductive Choices, he said: “When I came into the room there were four people present and now there are only three.”

His former employer then took a decision to alter its abortion delivery strategy by aggressively promoting self-managed Do It Yourself Drugs which made him deeply question their motives as he was concerned about the health and well-being of the female victims.

Mr. Duffy said: “From about 2015-2016, MSI began to emphasize a strategic push towards self-managed medical abortion, supplying abortion drugs through pharmacies.

“I was never a supporter of this, preferring instead for women to receive, what I considered at the time, comprehensive care in-clinic. Across the abortion sector, there were and are many reports raising concerns that increasing numbers of women are presenting with incomplete abortions at facilities after self-administering abortion pills which they had bought in the local drug shops.”


Mr Duffy parted with MSI in March 2019.

In the spring of 2020, the announcement that women in the UK could get abortion drugs through the post prompted Mr Duffy to conduct a mystery client project which exposed the lack of safeguards and recklessness of the UK’s DIY home abortion scheme. 26 sets of calls were made across BPAS, Marie Stopes and the National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory Service, resulting in 26 packets of abortion drugs being sent out to women who essentially did not exist.

After six years working at the heart of the abortion industry and being responsible for the provision of abortion, Mr Duffy says he was shocked by the results of the mystery client exercise.

Mr Duffy said: “To think that after just two phone calls taking no more than an hour in total, a woman who doesn’t exist, is not pregnant, is not registered at the recorded GP surgery, who misleads the service provider about her medical history and her gestational age, even changes her gestational age mid-process, is able to obtain the abortion pills, a service for which the abortion provider is paid by the NHS. And they called this a fantastic advance in women’s healthcare.

“Women are not being well served and are missing out on essential clinical assessments. They are left to manage the expulsions on their own at home—and with no follow-up care afterward. This is a long, long way from the comprehensive, safe abortion care that the abortion industry claims to provide.”

Commenting on his recent appointment, Mr Duffy said: “When I finished with MSI, I considered walking away from the issue of abortion entirely.

“However, I decided to put my knowledge and experience at the service of the pro-life movement. I am certain that the false narratives of the abortion industry which claim to ‘care about women’ can be defeated and a culture of life which truly cares about the wellbeing of women and safeguarding of human rights can be restored.

“Working inside the world’s leading abortion giants has exposed to me the violent nature of abortion and the cold and callous ways in which patients can be regarded. Joining SPUC, the UK’s largest pro-life group presents a great opportunity for me to play my part in ensuring that the abortion industry is defeated and that one-day abortion will be rendered unthinkable.”

For his courage to walk away permanently from a lucrative job albeit which involved the murder of innocent babies and his greater bravery in publicly fighting the insidious cause that once paid his bills despite the risk to his life and personal safety, Mr. Kevin Duffy is our personality of the week.

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 17/02/2023 3:06 am

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