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Meet Fr. Sean Sheehy who stood up for the truth despite the pressure

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sean sheehy

An Irish Catholic Priest, Fr. Sean Sheehy who said in a homily last year November that homosexual sex was a sin and free contraception was sinful as well was banned by his Bishop of Kerry, Ray Browne from celebrating the Holy Mass.

The Independent UK reported that Retired priest Fr Sean Sheehy told worshippers at St Mary’s Church in Listowel, County Kerry, over the weekend that sex between two men or two women was sinful, and said the handing out of free condoms was “promoting promiscuity”.

A video of Fr Sheehy’s comments, in which he also hit out at abortion and the trans community, has been shared widely online and has prompted condemnation of his views.

“What is so sad today is you rarely hear about sin but it’s rampant. It’s rampant,” Fr Sheehy said during his homily.

“We see it, for example, in the legislation of our governments. We see it in the promotion of abortion.

“We see it in the example of this lunatic approach of transgenderism,” he continued. “We see it, for example, in the promotion of sex between two men and two women.

“That is sinful, that is mortal sin. And people don’t seem to realise it, but it’s a fact, it’s a reality.”

Some people attending the Mass left the church in protest, to which the priest told them: “God help you … and God bless you who are here, who are worshipping God”.

In response to the comments, Bishop of Kerry, Ray Browne, apologised to those who were offended by Fr Sheehy’s homily and said his views did not represent “the Christian position”.

He said that to have “total respect for one another” was a “fundamental Christian teaching”, and for these issues to be spoken of “in such terms” a weekend parish Mass was not appropriate.

“I am aware of the deep upset and hurt caused by the contents of the homilies in question delivered over the weekend.

“I apologise to all who were offended. The views expressed do not represent the Christian position.”

“I regret that this has occurred while a parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land is taking place,” he added, in reference to parish priest Father Declan O’Connor, who is away.

Speaking to local radio station Radio Kerry on Tuesday afternoon, Fr Sheehy said the bishop had told him he was “to be taken off all Masses”.

“I know myself that what I said cannot be disproven by any honest-to-God Catholic, Christian or Catholic teaching, and that’s the bottom line.”

He added that he believed the bishop was “muzzling the truth to appease people”.

This is rather tragic as Fr. Sheehy’s Bishop acted in a cowardly manner by throwing this fearless Priest under the bus for echoing the truth and the official position of the Holy Catholic Church on the controversial issue of homosexuality which in my humble opinion as well is a grave sin. How sad!

For standing up for the truth despite the ruthless left’s brutal persecution and being a sacrificial lamb by his spineless Bishop, Fr. Sean Sheehy is our personality of the week.

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 14/04/2023 9:32 am

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