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As a Conservative and Pro-Life Forum, we accept adverts that promote the culture of life and the sanctity of the family without its radical redefinition by the gay lobby.

We accept wedding pictures that show that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman as opposed to its current redefinition by the global homosexual lobby as well as family albums that portray the family as defined by God as comprising of a man, woman, and children as opposed to its current same-sex composition.

Are you a Nigerian or African resident in Nigeria or Africa and want to show solidarity by taking a stand for the family and for marriage? Are you a Nigerian or African Diasporan that wants to boldly identify with the cultural roots of the great African Continent? Are you a non-African Conservative or Pro-Lifer who wants to identify with this African pro-family platform? Are you fed up with the culture of death being spread in the African media by the Western liberal media with puppet African allies? Are you concerned that Conservatives and Pro-Lifers can no longer express themselves freely without the backlash of job losses, emotional torture, and harassment?

Then look no further as we are the right go-to platform for the propagation of real sustainable development through values that will permanently keep this great planet in perpetual existence!

Contact us at



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Posted : 28/11/2022 8:24 pm

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