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UK Catholic Newspaper names Joe Biden as ‘Influential' Catholic

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As reported by Lifesite News, a prominent UK Catholic Magazine, The Catholic Herald has listed US President, Joe Biden in a list of its 250 ‘influential US Catholics’ for the year 2022.

In early October, The Catholic Herald issued its list of U.S. Catholics it identified as being “influencers” in the nation. Drawn from a variety of fields, the list includes Catholics in politics,  education, and mediacharity leaders, thought leaders, those in sports and entertainment, those in the military,  and others described as “mavericks.”

The list includes a mixture of individuals who are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, as well as those who are firmly opposed to certain doctrines, particularly those opposed to abortion and LGBT ideology. 

Among the list of political, Catholic leaders was prominently pro-abortion Joe Biden along with his wife Jill. The Herald entry reads:

Joseph Biden, 79, is the 46th president of the United States and the second Catholic president, after John F Kennedy, and also a Democrat of Irish heritage. He served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017. In 2016, Biden was awarded the Laetare Medal, considered the highest honour for American Catholics, by the University of Notre Dame. Jill Biden, 71, is an American educator and the first lady of the United States. They both often make donations to Catholic charities and attend Mass but have been consistently criticised by members of the clergy – and Catholic lay leaders – for a voting and political record that does not reflect Catholic values, such as their stance on abortion.

Biden’s election campaign was heavily supported by Planned Parenthood and he has called on Americans to make the overturning of Roe v Wade a political issue. In a 2021 cover story for the Catholic Herald, NYC priest Gerald Murray said that he would not give the president holy communion. Biden had a 90-minute audience with the Holy Father at the Vatican in October 2021. He also has a photo of Pope Francis in the White House Oval Office.

In an accompanying press release, the Herald made it clear that it was not simply highlighting influential people who identified as Catholic, but saw and presented them as real “leaders.” 

“We have taken a broad church approach to reflect the reality of Catholic America today,” said Herald chairman William Cash. “But our leaders do have one thing in common: They want to be a force for good and give back.”

Affirming its praise of the Catholics identified, the Herald added that its 250-strong list revealed “the reality that Catholic leadership in the U.S. is steadily transitioning from the clergy to the laity in the 21st century.”

“The Herald offers its congratulations to all those who have been selected for the achievements,” added Cash. To recognize those named on the list, the press release noted the Herald will be holding “a series of events” on the east and west coasts to “celebrate the 2022 entrants.”

The Herald also intended, by virtue of its list, to effect a renewal of “Catholic identity in the USA and beyond at a time when the Catholic Church has had fallout from negative headlines and dwindling church attendance following the pandemic.”

“The initiative is devoted to defending and promoting Catholic values and identity in public life,” wrote the Herald. “By identifying the 250 most influential Catholic lay figures in America, we hope to stimulate a reinvigorated spiritual dimension to an increasingly secular society,” wrote Jamie McGuire, director of a new institute established by the magazine.

This is highly scandalous given the notorious pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, open support and signing into law of the same-sex marriage bill and other liberal causes which puts his views at odds with the Holy Catholic Church which is and will remain fiercely conservative till the end of time.

This is tragic as the Church has stood firm against the agenda by the liberals to get her to back down on its openly public support for pro-life causes.

I make a public call on UK based Catholics to protest this odious and obnoxious award which doesn’t reflect the genuine position of the Church and immediately withdraw it from Biden until he publicly changes his position on his pro-choice leaning.

Chief Editorial Curator


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