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The agenda to push gay characters on Wakanda Forever by Tony Ademiluyi

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wakanda forever

Wakanda Forever is one of the best movies to come out of Africa which elevated the late Chadwick Boseman to a cult-like heroic status and his death suddenly after the movie’s production made him assume artistic immortality.

The storyline was superb and the delivery by the actors was highly professional – all these high points of the evergreen movie weren’t enough to satisfy the bestial homosexual lobby. They have been subtly demanding for gay characters to be included in the sequels to it to the disgust of African Conservatives who unarguably constitute the majority in the continent.

As reported by a leftist publication: We know Black Panther: Wakanda Forever did not deliver on the queer representation we have been hoping for from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the full movie script reveals an extremely queer scene (and kiss!) that did not make it into the film.

Audiences first learned about the queer characters in Wakanda Forever before the film’s November release. Actor Michaela Coel, who plays Dora Milaje warrior Aneka, told PA Media she was drawn to the role because of the queer storyline.

“For me, it was about why I took the role and what it meant to me to portray a queer character, being from Ghana, where there’s a lot of confusing LGBTQ+ laws going on,” she said. “My focus on that element was very singular… It was about what I represent in Ghana and putting my feet in the shoes of a queer character.”

Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ Marvel fans were saddened by the lousy representation, which did not go beyond a blink-and-you-miss-it forehead kiss.


It is no news that the sinister gay lobby is now using entertainment to aggressively push their evil agenda and just as they have craftily mastered the ruthless act of the hijacking language use to seek to normalize abominable gay relationships, they now use movies and even cartoons strategically targeting minors to ensure that they redefine marriage, sexual relations, and gender.

Conservatives must sturdily push back on this anti-God and nature agenda that is clearly at odds with the ‘sustainability development’ that they so gleefully tout. It is an affront to the wonderful gift of free speech as we have witnessed the hounding and persecution of conservatives for freely expressing their opposition to same-sex marriage and gay rights. They have made a cruel mockery of the first amendment which was fought and watered with the blood of American nationalists.

Africans must control the narrative of their history which is boldly anchored on conservative ideology and the attempt by the Western liberals working in cahoots with their local African minions in a manner reminiscent of what occurred in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism in the days of yore must be vehemently resisted.

African Conservatives must take a cue from India which is successfully exporting its rich culture and heritage, especially in this knowledge-driven economy where wealth has shifted from mineral resources to intangibles like intellectual property. Since Africa has nothing to export to the world, it should at least sell its rich conservative culture to the rest of the world.

Enough of this patronizing cultural imperialism!

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