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Nauseating: Queer Movies Invasion of the Nollywood Space

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Tony Ademiluyi
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Okay Africa reported some audacious moves by some depraved minds masquerading as LGBTQ Producers who have produced some queer movies.

Producers like Babatunde Apalowo’s ‘All the colours of the world are between black and white’, movies like Emotional Crack, Men in Love, Women Affair, Ife among many others have tragically been allowed to be shown on our screens despite the anti-gay law in place.

Movies have immense power to shape society, change public opinions, and control a narrative and so the agenda now is to use these movies with heavy funding from Western liberal interests to get Nigerians, especially the youths to have a gradual buy-in into the ungodly homosexual agenda having failed to push it through the Senate.

Imagine the number of children who would have viewed these movies and possibly get influenced by them especially as they are highly vulnerable and impressionable!

NBC should be alive to its responsibility of acting in the public interest and banning these disgusting movies that are at odds with core African values. If Africa has nothing to export to the rest of the world, let’s export our rich cultural heritage and earn humongous revenue from it similar to what the Indians, Chinese, and Mexicans are doing. Why must we always be the dumping ground for all the Western liberal hocus pocus?

We need more decency on our public screens; enough is enough!

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