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Media Stifling: YouTube censors Lifesite News for ‘Hate Speech’

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As reported in an op-ed by the Editor-In-Chief of Lifesite News, John-Henry Westen: Big Tech giant YouTube has attacked LifeSite again. They have banned us from posting on our YouTube channel for two weeks, and we are one strike away from YouTube deleting our whole channel the way they did back in 2021.

Believe it or not, we were banned for violating their “hate speech” policy, even though our approach to LGBT issues has always been about love – loving people in those homosexual relationships enough to tell them that the sexual behavior they are engaged in is harmful to their bodies and ultimately their souls. That loving approach was explicit in the video we were banned for. But that doesn’t matter to the overlords at YouTube.

YouTube is issuing us our second strike on the platform, for speaking the truth about Catholicism and traditional family values.

That’s why it is so providential that we have created our own video platform and just launched it. It is built exclusively to bring you and your family to the fullness of the truth, and to sound the alarm against Big Tech censorship on all its platforms. Remember: If you don’t own the platform, you are owned by the platform. So please support our efforts now at

This campaign is all about our fight against Big Tech’s attempt to keep us from reaching you. Help us to bring you the coverage nobody else is sharing about staying faithful to Christ and His truth on life and family.

We can’t do this without you. YouTube and Big Tech just need to issue one more strike and our channel will be permanently removed from YouTube. So join the fight and help us build something lasting. Help us with LifeSite’s new video platform, which you can already see now by visiting us at You should always watch us direct at video page and see all our content uncensored and unfiltered.

If you are watching this on LifeSite’s own page, well done. I need your help to educate your friends and family to let them know to come direct to our video page at LifeSite rather than finding us on YouTube or other video platforms.

Remember: If you don’t own the platform, you are owned by the platform. We have had to build our platform, and we need your prayers, your support, and your telling people where to find us, to keep us going.

Thank you so much for your support! We know that this YouTube censorship will be a blessing for all of us. Our Lord promised that all things work for good for those who love Him, and we love Him! Get ready for something GREAT.

For LifeSiteNews, this is John-Henry Westen. May God bless you.

Lifesite News’s problems started when they did a critical review of the ‘popular’ Hollywood movie ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once.’ The movie not surprisingly a pro-LGBTQ one was roundly criticized by the fearless Lifesite News team which drew the ire of the gay lobby who then mounted pressure on YouTube to deal with them.

It is high time that pro-lifers owned their media platforms to not only tell their stories better but to be more in control of the narrative. It is a well-known fact that big tech is liberal which makes conservative media platforms swim against the current to thrive on them as the rules of the former are heavily skewed against the latter.

Beyond calling for donations, I think it is high time that pro-life media platforms adopted a more commercially viable business model to not only attract the best of minds to their platforms since good funds are required to hire and keep talents but to be able to better take on the well-funded pro-choice groups. You cannot be preaching morality to the hungry – it will only be effective if their temporal needs have first been met which was why the early Christians appointed seven deacons led by the church’s first martyr, St. Stephen to share bread to the faithful as it recognized the harmony of both eternal and temporal needs.

Let us financially support Lifesite News no matter how minute or miniscule so that we pro-lifers can collectively own a sturdy media platform free from liberal bias and encumbrances.

Chief Editorial Curator


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