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Disgusting: Arinze Ifeakandu’s deification of his LGBTQ Oeuvre by the Western liberal media by Tony Ademiluyi

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Popular LGBTQ News Outlet, Pink News has praised queer Nigerian author – Arinze Ifeakandu for his short story collection ‘God’s children are little broken things’ which was published in the UK in July 2022.

It has now been nominated for a foremost UK literary prize ‘Dylan Thomas Prize 2023’ which was named after Swansea-born poet, Dylan Thomas.

The promotion of gay rights in Africa is a cultural neo-colonial tool by the imperialist Western powers to perpetually keep Africa in eternal chains and underdevelopment.

The hijacking of such a great prize and giving it to a gay work of literature will inspire many African gay authors to follow suit as it is now the fastest path to ‘greatness’ in all its ramifications.

I have earlier written about the winning of the 2022 NLNG Prize for Nigerian-American-based poet, Romeo Oriogun who is openly gay and was given asylum in Uncle Sam. This ‘feat’ may see his poetry get adopted by the Nigerian Curriculum and set a really bad precedent for Nigerian and by extension African literature as other African nations look up to the ‘Giant of Africa’ for leadership and guidance.

African Conservatives must be on alert and effectively push back this surreptitious imperialism aimed at greatly distorting the rich African cultural heritage and the destruction of the most important unit of society – the family.

No right is absolute; we must set a good example in appropriately defining what constitutes freedom of expression.

Chief Editorial Curator


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