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Poverty and Its Detrimental Effects in Nigeria

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The FGN through National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)launched the results of the 2022 multidimensional poverty index survey, the result was a collaborative effort between the NBS,NASSCO, UNDP,UNICEF, and OPHI.
Highlights of the 2022 multidimensional poverty index survey reveal that:
63% of the poor (86 million people) live in the north, while 35%(nearly 47 million) live in the south. Poverty levels across states vary significantly, with the incidence of multidimensional poverty ranging from a low of 27% in Ondo to a high of 91% in Sokoto.
Effects of poverty:
Inadequate child care
Unsafe neighborhood
Unhappy marriage
Unwanted pregnancy
Under-resourced schools, among others.
The above-mentioned are not only effects but promoters of poverty in a society.
Adequate child care which is a background of society is highly needed for its development, lack of that has a significant effect and can promote the remaining mentioned above.
Despite the intervention, the number of out-of-school children kept increasing tremendously, from 2020 to 2022 there's an increase of about 20 million out-of-school children, globally, basic education should be free, but due to some sociocultural beliefs here in Nigeria, and loss of interest in the development of the community, people abandon school intentionally, some not intentional but due to how education is getting expensive at a lower level, talk less of tertiary institutions.
The banditry and terrorism, more especially in northern Nigeria are paranoid, are getting strict with time, and are destabilizing the economy of the nation leading to more poverty and loss of jobs, fear of transportation among others.
Families are getting shattered because of the unsettled environment, businesses and schools are destroyed, and the disaster is not just to be taken lightly.
In Sokoto, there’s a tremendous increase in poverty due to the activities of bandits, the dead hearts(who depend on begging for survival), illegal immigrants from Niger, and many of them. This poverty is not only affecting the means of survival but rather genuine social relationships, such as marriage, Families. and creating toxic factors opposing that such as; prostitution, lesbianism, gay, and abortion among others. When someone doesn’t have enough resources to maintain a family or is not financially buoyant he’ll for another to live his life, even though not all but out of option. Some will be dragged into it for silly promises which will not be sustainable.

Poverty is forcing some people, out of no option to abandon their beliefs and adopt some irrational behaviors that are dangerous to society.

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