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Commendable: Ghanaian Educational Curriculum is LGBTQ Free – NACCA D-G

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As reported by Pulse Ghana: Speaking at the National House of Chiefs meeting on Friday, March 3, 2023, to engage them on the Secondary Education Curriculum Development, the Director-General said the curriculum is focused on the nation's culture, not the Western culture.

The chiefs had earlier raised some concerns about the LGBTQ+ controversy when Professor Appiah appeared before the House to engage them on the new curriculum.

But responding to Nananom, the NaCCA D-G said: "You can be assured that, that will not feature in our curriculum."

Gay sex is currently illegal in highly religious and conservative Ghana.

There is currently a proposed bill criminalising LGBT before the West African country's parliament.

The "Promotion of proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values" bill has been widely condemned by the international community and rights activists. It was drafted by eight lawmakers.

The bill is also widely supported in Ghana, where President Nana Akufo-Addo has publicly said gay marriage will never be allowed while he is in power.

If it is passed by parliament, the president can either decide to ignore critics and sign it, or veto it -- something analysts and diplomats say he may be unwilling to do.

This is highly commendable as Ghana has been a prime target of the liberal west in the promotion of the vile LGBTQ agenda. As far back as 2012, the then-administration of the Late Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills was threatened by the then-British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his counterpart in the US, Barack Obama to legalize homosexuality in the erstwhile British colony or face the sanctions of denial of foreign aid. Mercifully, Atta-Mills, a renowned Professor of law before he became a politician stood his ground in the best interest of his country and people.

This hocus pocus is rearing its ugly head more than a decade after. I urge the Ghanaian Parliament to follow in Nigeria’s footsteps by damning the liberal west in passing the long-standing bill in the parliament to criminalize same-sex relationships.

Africa has come of age to govern itself without external interference. Enough of the cruel mockery of its Sovereignty!

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