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Child Abuse: Ugandan Teacher arrested for promoting homosexuality

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As reported by a leftist Ugandan Publication Go Mag: A teacher in Jinja, Uganda has been arrested for promoting homosexuality in school. The unnamed teacher works at PMM Girls School, an all-girls school in Jinja City, and is currently being questioned after her partner accused her of neglect and “recruiting students to become lesbians.”

“We have the couple in our custody. The partner claims the teacher has been cheating on her and not providing her with basic needs,” stated Kiira regional police spokesperson James Mubi. He continued, “but the suspect testified to police that she rented a house for her partner and set up for her timber business and she disputed allegations of not providing basic needs to her alleged lesbian partner.”

Hundreds of angry parents swarmed the school to protest against the teacher and the “promotion of homosexuality.” They were blockaded from entering the school, but many of them reportedly threatened to remove their daughters from the school after the teacher had “spoiled” them. Ms Rose Kalembe, the chairperson of the school, said the teacher should be suspended from school because she is “tarnishing its image.”

“I was here in the 1990s and had never heard of lesbian issues in this school. The suspected teacher was also a student in this school, and as old girls, we have to do something,” Kalembe said.

Both partners are in custody and Mubi stated they would be charged with sexual harassment once the case has been concluded. Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and is punishable by life imprisonment. The country has a history of discrimination and violence against LGBTQ individuals, with many facing harassment, arrest, and physical attacks. The incident has sparked outrage among LGBTQ activists, who argue that the teacher’s arrest is a violation of human rights.

The arrest has also raised concerns about the safety and well-being of LGBTQ students in schools. Many LGBTQ students in Uganda face discrimination and bullying and are often forced to hide their sexuality in order to avoid harassment and violence. Human rights groups have called for the immediate release of the teacher and an end to the persecution of LGBTQ individuals in Uganda.


Uganda has been under virulent attack by the LGBTQ community in the West because of her resounding success in the anti-HIV battle using abstinence.

The country has witnessed a western-inspired media blitzkrieg in its attempt to get her to become ‘progressive.’

They have been attempts to infiltrate the curriculum in secondary schools with gay literature at the expense of the health of these vulnerable and impressionable students.

If indeed this unnamed teacher in Uganda is guilty of spreading homosexual behaviour among her students who were entrusted in her care, she should face the music squarely.

Teachers owe their students a duty of care to bring them up educationally, morally, emotionally, and psychologically. We cannot afford to risk having homosexual predators in our schools in the name of some asinine ‘equality’ and ‘human rights’.

Laws should be strengthened in Uganda and all over Africa to adequately protect the interests of minors in schools or else what the disgraced legendary artiste, Robert Kelly a.k.a R Kelly did with minors will be child’s play compared to what these ravaging mob in the name of homosexual teachers would do to our children.

We owe it a duty to our minors to safeguard their innocence.

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