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Tragic: South Korea Court Gives Recognition to ‘Rights’ of ‘Gay Couples’

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As reported by DW: A South Korean court recognized the rights of a same-sex couple for the first time on Tuesday, but the case could now go on to be heard by the country's Supreme Court.

Gay couple So Seong-wook and Kim Yong-min sued the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) in 2021 after it refused them spousal coverage. On Tuesday, an appeals court ruled in their favor.

"Today, we have our rights recognized within the legal system," Kim said after the ruling.

"This represents a victory for everyone wishing for equality for same-sex couples."

What was the court case about?

So and Kim had their own wedding ceremony in 2019, but South Korea does not recognize same-sex marriages.

A lower court previously ruled in favor of the insurer, but the appeals court on Tuesday said that spousal insurance coverage was not just for families as defined by law and that denying such coverage to same-sex couples constituted discrimination.

The court also said its "biggest responsibility" is to protect minorities because courts are the "last bastion" of human rights.

"This ruling is significant as the first decision legally recognizing same-sex couples to be made by a court at any level in South Korea," said Amnesty International's East Asia researcher Jang Boram.

The NHIS said it plans to appeal the decision.

One of the many reasons why I am vehemently opposed to gay rights is because of the Pandora’s Box it will inevitably open. It is bad enough that some morally depraved minds are asking and arm-twisting the rest of the world to accept same-sex relationships, it is worse than the rest of the world is now being blackmailed into extending the normal rights of heterosexual couples to them in the name of ‘equality.’

You can see the confusion that this so-called gay rights activism is causing in the world – this is what they inevitably want to export to Africa as a ruthless divide-and-conquer strategy to perpetually keep the continent underdeveloped.

With all the myriads of challenges in South Korea, is the priority ‘rights’ of a ‘same-sex’ couple? It is the misplacement of priority by the liberal west that has seen billions of dollars pour in from there into Africa in the name of promoting ‘human rights’ rather than addressing the real needs of the beleaguered continent.

Whoever backs gay rights and purports to foist it on Africans is truly not a friend of the continent.

African Conservatives be on your guard and be awake for the liberal forces are prowling like a roaring lion seeking to devour this wonderful continent.

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 23/02/2023 2:20 am

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