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Brave: Kenyan MP Peter Kaluma Introduces Gay Criminalization Bill in Parliament

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The agenda of the liberal West to pressurize Kenya to accede to the insidious homosexual agenda has led a brave parliamentarian – Peter Kaluma to introduce a bill to criminalize gay relationships in the East African Country famous for its tourist attractions. reports that Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma has submitted a new bill to the National Assembly to criminalize homosexuality in Kenya.

The Family Protection Bill proposes a ban on homosexuality, same-sex marriages, and all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) activities and lobbying in the country. It further recommends clamping down on LGBTQ promoters and funding by various groups.

In his bill, Kaluma argues that sex remains a physical state of being male or female observed and assigned at birth, and not an identity one is free to choose and assign themselves.

He states that parents should retain rights to their children’s education, and they must be informed and give consent to their children's sex education.

The bill also proposes the banning of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in pre-primary, primary and secondary school education programs: the teaching of abortion, homosexuality, LGBTQ issues, abortion, and masturbation.

It also seeks to limit the rights to assembly, demonstration, association, expression, belief, privacy, and employment in childcare institutions in respect of homosexual convicts and those engaged in LGBTQ behavior while also prohibiting adoption by homosexuals and LGBTQ persons.

The penalty imposed under the proposed Act ranges from imprisonment of at least 10 years to a death sentence.

The proposed law, Kaluma says, will strengthen the provisions of Article 45 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya, which stipulates that “every adult has the right to marry a person of the opposite sex, based on the free consent of the parties.”

“The proposed law intended to further the provisions of article 45 (2) of the constitution of Kenya and to protect the family will not only consolidate all existing laws relating to unnatural sexual acts but also increase the penalty for those convicted of engaging or promoting the acts to imprisonment for life or commensurate sentence,” he adds.

This is a brave move despite the backlash by the liberal West and their shameless acolytes in Kenya who will definitely label him as a homophobe with other sanctions like being denied a visa to the West. It was in this home country of former US President Barack Obama who is openly pro-choice and pro-LGBTQ that the Supreme Court gave NGOs the right to register their organizations as gay rights groups. This makes it imperative for the interests of the family to be adequately taken care of as there is a sinister agenda by the liberal West to decimate her youthful population by linking human rights as well as equality to the ‘LGBTQ struggle’.

The family is the most important unit or cell in any society, which is what the LGBTQ lobby seeks to ruthlessly destroy. Africa should lead the vanguard for the preservation of this fundamental cell as life will be extremely chaotic if it is allowed to collapse as seen in the West that is now tragically the sick man of the world because of her morbid desire for the enthronement of political correctness over the eternal truth.

A big thumbs up to MP Kaluma!

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Posted : 15/04/2023 2:15 am

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