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The U.S Confers Honour on Long-time Ugandan LGBTQ Campaigner, Margaret Sekaggya

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Ms Margaret Sekaggya

As reported in The US Government Mission in Uganda recently honoured long-time ‘human rights’ campaigner, Margaret Sekaggya for her outstanding service to the defense of human rights in the East African Country.

As the Executive Director of Human Rights and Peace Centre, she has used the NGO to fight for the interests of ‘sexual minorities’ in the country. She once served as the Chairperson of the Uganda National Human Rights Commission (UHRC) which she also helped establish. She was also the first Special Rapporteur for Human Rights Defenders.

Between 2009 and 2010, she virulently opposed the anti-gay-rights Ugandan bill then before the Parliament which was sponsored by David Bahati as ‘draconian.’

It is clear that the US mission in Africa anytime the Democrats are in power is to subtly impose a cultural war of imperialism to twist the arms of Africans to accept homosexuality as something normal.

Uganda shocked the world through its careful management of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on the strength of a nationwide abstinence policy backed by the government. The highly commendable policy led to a drastic reduction in the cases of HIV in the country which ostensibly commanded global attention. The angered liberals sad at the loss of such a huge market in its massive potential for the sale of condoms under the guise of tourism is now through the backdoor trying to increase the spread of HIV/AIDS there via its sinister and aggressive plot to get homosexuality and gay rights legalized. We all know how swiftly HIV spreads through gay sex, especially with men. This will also fuel the market for the gargantuan sale of lubricants or lubes that gay men use during sex.

This nonsense must be blocked in Africa as the entire gay rights agenda masquerading under the banner of ‘human rights’ and massively supported by the global establishment, is a threat to humanity not only in Africa but all over the globe. It also mocks and heavily undermines the Sovereignty of hitherto independent African countries through the asinine threat of the yanking off of foreign aid which has done the continent no good.

African Conservatives must unite and collectively fight this evil wherever it is in the continent as this is a ruthless divide-and-conquer strategy by the Western Liberals to keep this great continent perpetually impoverished, underdeveloped and culturally emasculated as well as confused.

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 29/01/2023 2:43 am

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