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Kenya beware of Uncle Sam’s Gift by Tony Ademiluyi

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As reported by Capital News: The United States has clarified that the Sh16 billion aid granted to Kenya is not linked to the policies on LGBTQ rights in the country.

US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman said Friday in Kajiado that the Joe Biden Administration respects each country’s point of view on the matter.

“There is absolutely no truth to that aid being linked to any change in policies on LGBTQ rights in Kenya. Our view is that every country has to make their own decisions on LBGTQ rights,” Ambassador Whitman said.

She went on to say that the US holds a different position on the subject noting that they view LGBTQ rights as human rights.

Ambassador Whitman stated that Kenya and the US have very strong bilateral relations dating many years pointing out that Kenya’s stance won’t affect the way the two countries relate.

“Our democratic values and the way we feel is different and that is okay. Countries have differences, we have very strong working relationships over many years and I think the Kenya government knows the US perspective on this.

It comes a day after President William Ruto broke his silence on the Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ rights and the ongoing debate surrounding the subject, saying that Kenya will never accept such practices.

Speaking during the International Women’s Day on Thursday, President Ruto said Kenya will not tolerate LGBTQ practices. He cited nonconformity to the country’s traditions and beliefs.

Homosexuality? Not in Kenya

The President said even though he respects the courts, Kenya wouldn’t allow same sex relationships.

“We respect our courts but our traditions and beliefs do not allow same sex relationships. That will not happen in Kenya, it may happen elsewhere but not in this country,” President Ruto stated.


“I will not allow men to compete with women for other men,” he added.

President Ruto also called upon religious leaders to intervene and take a firm stand in the fight against the LGBTQ agenda.

“I want to ask our religious leaders to stand firm and educate our children, our people so that we don’t lose our beliefs and way of life to foreign practices,” the President added.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua also commented on the issue, terming the ruling of the Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ rights demonic.

Gachagua said the Supreme Court ruling left him speechless.

Ruto’s sentiments and that of his deputy concur with similar views given by several leaders and religious groups who are against the legalizing of LGBTQ in the country.

Already MPs George Kaluma (Homabay Town) Mohammed Ali (Nyali) have proposed to have the LGBTQ community outlawed in the country.

MP Kaluma wants to have homosexuality and other unnatural sexual acts criminalized in Kenya, and increase the penalty of those convicted of engaging or promoting the acts to imprisonment for life.

It is no news that American liberals sturdily backed by the Joe Biden-led administration are heavily targeting Kenya for the legalization of homosexuality.

What can you make out of the recent Supreme Court Decision in the East African Country making the registration of pro-LGBTQ NGOs legal? The imprimatur of the powerful western gay lobby is definitely in that obnoxious and unpopular judgement that is clearly at odds with the wishes and aspirations of the majority of Kenyans.

What can you make out of Jill Biden who wore a rosary and was promoting contraceptives to impressionable and highly vulnerable Kenyan ladies?

The Kenyan government should realize that there is no free lunch even in Free Town. These so-called foreign aid and international development assistance come with all manner of nauseating strings attached to them.

In my humble opinion, in view of the dangerous times that we currently live in and taking into consideration the arrival of the ‘gift’ at a time when there is a heavy bombardment of propaganda for the country to switch its laws from conservative to liberal, I suggest the funds be rejected.

The truth is Africa cannot develop on the back of foreign aid. Billions of dollars have been poured into this continent since independence, what has she got to show for it? The miracle of the Asian Tigers was built on introspection and altruism. Foreign aid didn’t cut it at all as it is a savage neo-colonialist puppet string.

A word is enough for the wise!

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 06/03/2023 3:55 am

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