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Help: Disillusioned Detransitioners are crowdfunding their medical expenses

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In an op-ed written by Jonathon Van Maren and published in Lifesite News: Over the past several years, an entire industry aimed at providing transgender accessories to children has sprung up to meet — and drive — the demand for gender-bending supplies. Children hooked on the idea of changing genders through peer contagion or Internet trans celebrities can order “breast-binders,” which flatten the chest, or “packers,” which girls use to “present” as having a penis, online without their parents’ knowledge. Internet influencers coach kids on how to lie to their parents or get doctors to prescribe them hormones; one new app could connect gender-confused kids to hormone treatment for less than $100 a month. 

There’s big money in Big Trans. If children are started on the gender transition path early, they will essentially be medical patients for life—and paying customers for life. Children and teens are also being persuaded that transition is something they need and are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to attain it—as I noted in a report last year, children as young as thirteen years old have begun crowdfunding their sex changes using GoFundMe and other fundraising platforms. Puberty blockers and surgical body alterations are expensive, and private clinics have sprung up to supply the customers.  

When young people realize that the surgeries and accessories and cross-sex hormones didn’t actually deliver the promised peace, however, they are left abruptly on their own. Their stories are inconvenient for the movement that insists “affirmation” is the only way to respond to gender dysphoria; for the industry making a killing on confusion; and for the media that has been serving as the trans movement’s propaganda arm. Despite the excruciating physical after-effects they experience, they often cannot get the medical help they need to begin repairing the damage. 

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In a sick sort of symmetry, desperate detransitioners are turning to crowdfunding to pay for their medical treatments. A recent report from the Daily Mail cited the example of 24-year-old Michigan student Prisha Mosley, who has thus far fundraised $7,820 from 100 donors to have her breasts reconstructed—she had a double mastectomy at age 18 and now has no sensation in her chest. As a result of taking testosterone at 17, she also has “manlike broad shoulders, narrow hips, a deep voice, and facial and body hair,” which she is hoping to get rid of.  

“The laser hair removal is very expensive,” she told the Daily Mail. “Doctors only want to help you when you’re switching gender, not going back. They have no idea what to do with us. There’s no standard of care. There’s no little rule book they can fall back on.” She says a gender clinician approved her for transgender treatments and “top surgery” very quickly, and that her underlying problems were missed—while the “transition” did a lot of damage. She suffers from vaginal atrophy and may not be able to have children. Even if she manages to fundraise enough for detransition procedures on GoFundMe, she says she will likely be only “65 or 70%” the woman she might have been. 

“I have a long journey,” she told the Daily Mail. “I would like to mostly feel like myself and be healthy again. My hormones are still out of whack, and I’ve done a lot to my body and brain.” 

 She’s not the only one, either. According to the Mail:  

GoFundMe spokesperson Ese Esan could not say how many people have appealed for detransition funding, but pointed to two dozen pages listing hundreds of fundraisers for ‘gender-affirming care’, as the broad category is known. Fundraisers have to be at least 13 to make an appeal, and those aged under 18 need approval from a parent or guardian, added Esan. Among them is Mary Deuhs, from St Paul, Minnesota, who raised $600 for electrolysis to remove the ‘heavy beard’ she grew as a result of taking cross-sex hormones during her transition.  Shaving daily causes her ‘great discomfort,’ she posted. 

There is also 24-year-old Josie Lewinson from Los Angeles, California, who is seeking to “return back to the old me, the real me, before I became confused and tried to change my gender.” She wants to raise $20,000 for facial feminization surgery and changing her deepened voice. “This procedure will help me immensely to feel like my old self again.” Angelina Mannino of Red Hook, New York is trying to fundraise $1,500 for laser treatment to remove a beard she grew on testosterone, which persists even though she’s stopped taking it. She says it is “constantly traumatizing every time I look in the mirror…I want to succeed in life to try and mitigate the damage that has been done to my body for the short period of time I was on testosterone.” 

Mosley told the Daily Mail that she expects the number of detransitioners seeking to undo the damage done to their bodies will spike in the coming years. Meanwhile, the movement and medical industry that destroyed these girls will do nothing to help them—leaving them to rely on donors to help them pick up the pieces.  

The entire transgender industry is sturdily built on wickedness and an insane drive for profit over the happiness of its victims. These transgenders take hormones and other treatments on a regular basis which is to be paid for and so it is an organized racket cum scam greatly fueled by the liberal media and big pharmaceutical companies.

This is the hocus pocus that the liberal west is trying to sell to Africa under the guise of ‘human rights’ and ‘equality’. It is all a sinister ploy to exponentially increase their sinister blood-soaked market reminiscent of what occurred during the inhumane Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism.

This form of neo-colonialism or imperialism is worse as in this case there is the persuasion of the victim by the oppressor for the use of the former’s free will in assenting to his mental and economic serfdom.

Africans must resist the vile and reprehensible transgender agenda as it doesn’t in any way serve the needs and interests of the world’s most raped continent.

If the liberal west cannot attend to maternal healthcare and getting hundreds of millions of Africans especially the youths out of poverty, then she should leave us alone to adopt autochthonous solutions to our plethora of nagging challenges.

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Posted : 28/02/2023 3:16 am

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