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A brief report on my participation as a Nigerian delegate in the CSW67, UN Headquarters, New York City March 6- 17, 2023 - Observer

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Tony Ademiluyi
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The theme of this year's CSW was  allowing women and girls unimpeded access to innovative digital technology
Instead of dwelling on how to allow women access to digital technology, virtually the paragraphs of the Agreed Conclusions were inundated with abortion, CSE, LGBT and transgender euphemisms such as "health care services", "sexual reproductive rights", "sexuality education" 
international human rights", "gender equality", "gender violence", "gender stereotypes" and so forth. The spokescountry for the African Group during Negotiations this year was Cameroun. Prior to Negotiation, the African countries had met and agreed on what the spokescountry should say during Negotiations. Again, I qaurelled with this mode of representation. I see it as a way of rigging the Negotiations in favour of the EU and the U.S. If the western countries are representing themselves individually at the UN, why can't  the African countries do so as well?  I see the lumping of African countries under one spokesperson as a way of rigging the outcome of the Agreed Conclusions.
As I earlier said, since almost all Paragraphs of the Agreed Conclusions contained the aforesaid concepts and euphemism s, the EU and American delegates always insisted that such concepts should be retained in the Agreed Conclusions through veiled indimidation, arms twisting and psychological violence. In other words, the  African Group was intimidated and cowed to silence. It cannot speak it's mind for fear of being rejected or treated with contempt.
For example, I was a Panelist at one of the CSW side events on closing the gender gap in allowing women and girls access to digital technology. I spoke my mind. I told them that the notion "gender" means two sexes: male and female and no other. I pointed out that the UN focuses on the girl child with total neglect for the boy-child. There was silence during my intervention because they probably was hearing what I was saying for the first time. Anyway, at the end of the sideevent some country's delegates came to thank me for courageously stating the truth 
As usual, the EU and U.S  moderators were behaving like INEC. They were bent on rigging the Agreed Conclusions to accommodate abortion, transgenderism, Comprehensive Sex Education and LGBT. For example, after the paragraphs containing the aforesaid were objected to they refused to delete them off the paragraphs. Instead of them off, they kept them till midnight or even till 3 am in the morning so that delegates would go home and they would pass them as agreed conclusions. On the last day of negotiations, we were there till 5 am in the morning.
Paragraph 29 of the Agreed Conclusions was particularly very bad. It contained all the obnoxious things.
This paragraph promotes sexual reproductive rights which are euphemism for abortion. It also promotes LGBTQ and transgenderism.
Ditto for Paragraph 62 of the Agreed Conclusions
 All the paragraphs contained the controversial concept="gender".In fact, "gender" was mentioned about 187 times in the Agreed Conclusions. The President of the Family Watch International 
 Sharon Slater,  suggested to the African Group to insist that "Gender" should be defined in the Agreed Conclusions as shown below 
Definition of Gender
89 (bis) The Commission reaffirms that the term "gender" in these Agreed Conclusions is to be understood according to its ordinary usage as referring solely to the two sexes, male and female, and has no other meaning beyond that, in line with Annex IV of the Report of the Fourth World Conference on Women.
Ambassador Nze Nnamdi from the Nigerian Mission was fantastic. He was the  only top delegate from the Nigerian Mission who was at the Negotiation all the time. He stayed till the end of the negotiations. He is Prolife and profamily. He made sure that the African Group objected to all the anti-life and anti-family terms in the Agreed Conclusions. Our greatest allies which were in favour of life and family values during negotiations were Egypt, Iran, Russia, Malta, Vatican City, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and a few other countries.
 I think it was a fairly successful  outcome for the African Group and other countries in favour of life and fundamental family values

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Posted : 23/03/2023 2:33 am

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