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Ugandan Martyrs inspiring current Church Militants in LGBTQ Battle by Tony Ademiluyi

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Tony Ademiluyi
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Uganda is a prime target for the LGBTQ agenda who for decades have been trying to foist its insidious agenda on the East African Country.

Liberal ideologies like abortion, contraceptives, abortion inducing drugs, gay rights, same-sex marriage etc have been vehemently resisted by the brave Ugandans who are largely influenced by the Christian Faith with many being Catholics.

Uganda had a homosexual King in the 19th century – King Mwanga II of Buganda who wanted to have a love affair with some of his page boys most notably Charles Lwanga.

The page boys refused and the King’s hatred for their newly found Christian faith which he saw as a great threat to the throne made him order their brutal killing on June 3, 1886 which saw the burning to death of 32 pages.

That blood is the seed surreptitiously sown by the courageous martyrs on the present-day Ugandan soil which saw the country record the best HIV reduction rate programme via abstinence to the chagrin of the liberal west and their minions in the international donor agencies like WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA as well as their African sidekicks.

Let African Conservatives be consoled that though the battle wouldn’t be easy as the sinister forces of the western liberals are fierce and ruthless, the war would eventually be won because it is a noble fight of the Lord’s and as the Late Pope John Paul II predicted: Africa would re-evangelize Europe which has grown lax and atheistic reminiscent of how the dying days of the Roman Empire was before Armageddon led by the Barbarians set in and put an end to one of the world’s greatest empires.

There is hope indeed!

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 21/02/2023 2:02 am

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