Tragic: 10-year-old...
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Tragic: 10-year-old delivers ‘powerful’ transgender speech in Canada

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As reported by CTV News: A 10-year-old Canadian delivered a powerful speech during a discussion on trans rights at Saskatoon City Hall on Wednesday, denouncing calls against allowing trans people to use bathrooms and change rooms of their choice.

Zipp Neufeld, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, spoke to council officials in a powerful speech denouncing "ignorant" ideas against allowing trans people to use bathrooms and change rooms of their choice in city facilities.

"At what point do I go from being someone you protect to someone who is a threat, not based on my heart or any of my actions, but just based on my genitalia," Neufeld said.

The meeting was prompted by an unsubstantiated social media claim regarding a trans woman's presence at a community change room in Saskatoon. The post claimed children are "at risk of predators" due to the city's inclusive policies.

However, in the speech, Neufeld said they deserve to become an adult that has freedom to use a change room.

"I deserve to age without fear that the bathroom and change space that allows me to feel safe and at peace will be taken from me," Neufeld added.

Regarding the alleged Jan. 27 incident, the City of Saskatoon said, "we have no reason to believe any inappropriate behaviour occurred."

Neufeld was one of many residents who spoke up in support of the city's trans community.


Why should a minor be involved in transgender activism? It is clear that the left is hellbent on indoctrinating minors and children rather than allow them enjoy their innocence and childhood in peace.

Instead of this misguided girl being corrected by those who should know better, she is being encouraged to spew out nauseating hocus pocus.

This is the same Canada that Africans troop to on a daily basis in search of a ‘better life.’ My fellow Nigerian and African migrants to Canada, beware of their leftist education which may sadly backfire on your children if care isn’t taken. Eternal vigilance should be the watchword!

Canadian Conservatives should sturdily push back on this insidious agenda to indoctrinate innocent Canadian children by the radical left. This same chaos will be brought to Africa, especially with the liberals led by Justin Trudeau in power.

We must nip this in the bud as a stitch in time saves nine.

Let our children be!

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Posted : 12/03/2023 3:02 am
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Baddest writer that doesnt smoke weed gan for inspiration...

Posted : 12/03/2023 4:01 pm

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