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Remarkable: Zambian police arrest four over ‘pro gay’ women’s rights rally by UM Mubaraq

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According to BBC news, same-sex relationships and marriages in Zambia are illegal and on Monday the government warned against the promotion of gay and lesbian rights. 


Zambian police said on Tuesday they had arrested four women’s rights activists who had taken part in a march against gender-based violence that authorities said was used to support LGBTQ.


Same-sex relationships are outlawed in the conservative southern African country and punishable by up to 14 years in jail. 


According to the police spoke person, Danny Mwale: the four women, all aged under 30, have been charged with giving false information to public officers, and of holding an unlawful assembly, he said.


The protesters were allowed to march by the police because it was believed to be an anti-gender-based violence event, not to allegedly advocate gay and lesbian rights.


On Monday, Zambia’s government said the march was used to “champion an illegal and criminal cause” 


The government also condemned the irresponsible behavior of those in attendance, who had chanted and carried placards “in support of homosexuality”


“The Zambian government also wishes to remind the public that as a Christian nation (95.5% Christians), they must uphold the Christian values of morality, decency, and human dignity”, government spokesperson Chushi Kasanda said in a statement.

Posted : 11/03/2023 5:10 am
Tony Ademiluyi
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This gay crap must be stopped in Africa before we are totally consumed!

Chief Editorial Curator

Posted : 12/03/2023 2:22 am

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