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African Catholic Conservatives make a call for Pro-Life Resolutions at UN Conference

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As reported by ACI Africa: The African branch of the International Catholic activist organization, CitizenGo, is calling on diplomats and negotiators at the ongoing 67th edition of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67) conference to reach pro-life and pro-family resolutions.

CitizenGo Africa officials say the draft negotiation document to be used at the 67th edition of CSW promotes abortion, sexualization of school-going children, and gender ideology. 

“The call to fight back against their radicalism and attacks on the traditional family and life is more crucial than ever before,”  CitizenGo Africa officials say in their petition launched on March 6. 

They say that while CSW is expected to address real issues affecting women globally, “it is always disappointing when the opposite happens.”

CitizenGo Africa officials say that this year’s draft conclusions are far from addressing issues affecting women; instead, the draft pushes for the sexualization of children through radical Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), gender ideology, and abortion.

“It is also surprising how this document heavily references previous ‘agreed language’ or intergovernmental outcomes, even when it is clear that language from past conclusions is not always consensual,” they say. 

They explain that the draft document makes reference to the Beijing Declaration, the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), and other summits whose conclusions were not adopted as binding commitments by suggesting that abortion, the sexualization of children through the CSE, and gender ideology “should be inherently promoted”.

“The UN aims to advance so-called ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education,’ or CSE, which focuses on indoctrinating children with explicit and immoral content, including explicit sexualization, LGBT propaganda, and lies about what defines a man and a woman,” they say in the petition addressed to Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

CitizenGo Africa officials call on the Kenyan Ministry’s officials present at the March 6-17 UN conference to “do the right thing, to speak for the women in the grassroots whose priorities are not perverted and sexualized education of their children, or killing their babies through abortion or even the gender ideology agenda.”

They also urge the Ministry officials present at the CSW67 to “have all language on sexual and reproductive health and rights, abortion, sexual diversity, gender ideology, and comprehensive sexuality education of the first draft – as captured in paragraphs 12, 13 (LGBT), 26 (CSE), 31 (SRHR) 39.1 (SOGI) - erased from the agreed conclusions.”

This move by the African Catholic Conservatives is a bold one and highly commendable as it is no news that the conferences on women at the UN have been hijacked by the liberals who use it to push their destructive ideologies.

Liberal causes aren’t in Africa’s best interest as they will eventually destroy this wonderful continent if allowed unchecked which is the real agenda of the western liberals as they fear the immense potential of the world’s most raped continent.

Rather than the perfidious liberals attending to the real needs of African women which include maternal health most especially, they prefer to flood the continent with contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

If the big pharmaceutical companies like CVS and Walgreens are fighting tooth and nail to sell abortion-inducing drugs over the counter in the United States, think of a second what will be the fate of Africa if they succeed?

The world’s poorest continent with a population of over a billion will be the next big market for these poisons packaged in the name of drugs with deleterious consequences for her.

African Conservatives must never get tired of pushing back to ensure that the soul of the UN is restored to its original form of a peace-making body and not one to create more tension by objectifying women in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘being progressive.’

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Posted : 13/03/2023 3:31 am

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