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Use of Books to subtly push the LGBTQ Agenda in Nigeria

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Tony Ademiluyi
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The powerful homosexual lobby is a locus classicus of how not to give up in the struggle for the actualization of a cause no matter how tragically sinister and outright asinine.

Nigeria – The Giant of Africa and the most populous black nation on earth is a prime target for the lobby. Having failed to hijack her soul via the legislature through the heroic passage of the 2014 anti-same-sex marriage bill, they have now set their eyes on the media through popular websites like YNaija that heavily promote the gay rights agenda and the educational curriculum through the introduction of books that sturdily back their deleterious cause.

The most prestigious literary prize in Nigeria is the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Prize for Literature with prize money for the winner of a whopping $100,000 which makes it one of the most lucrative in the world. The 2022 winner of that prize is Romeo Oriogun for his queer poetry collection ‘Nomad.’

The critical question to ask is why award such a prestigious prize to a poetry collection that promotes the LGBTQ agenda despite the fact that there is a law on the ground that is supposed to prohibit such a book from not only being in existence in the first place but to have such visibility?

Such an award will set a dangerous precedent as it will embolden the LGBTQ community and their gay rights-backing straight allies to promote such abominations in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘human rights.’

I wonder why the Nigerian Conservatives and Pro-Lifers alike were silent on the ‘victory’ of Oriogun at the last NLNG awards? Many students who see him as their role model as he is based in the United States on asylum grounds will definitely follow in his footsteps and the curriculum of Nigeria may be infiltrated by this queer body of oeuvres.

This is indeed a sad day for Nigerian literature as such illegality was surreptitiously legalized and decency thrown to the dogs. In decent and saner climes, conservatives would have called for the total boycott of next year’s NLNG awards for its subtle promotion of an agenda at odds with the laws of God, nature, and Nigeria but alas we sadly live in a country where anything goes!

Happy New Year All and let’s unite to boldly fight this culture of death and affront on the family – society’s most important unit through its redefinition by the homosexual lobby.

The Grace of God is sufficient for us all!

Chief Editorial Curator


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